Is Email Processing System Scam OR Legit?

This post is a review of the Online Business called Email Processing System Nigeria for Cash (EPS Nigeria).

First of all I will like to address those who are quick to judge anything they come across with, either on the internet or offline. Businesses are meant to get ups and downs, if you don’t understand this one little fact, then you are very far from setting up a successful business either online or offline. You should be ready for the people to tell you No while some might just say Yes to what you are offering. Before I became Successful online, I had to kiss some shit asses, face some terrible customers/clients, received insults from so many people calling me a scam in some networking business I joined while trying to promote. But along the road no Matter what hit me I was always positive about everything, having my goal in my mind and also with the determination of achieving it.

Let me go over to the reason for this post. I came across some people also blogs calling the Email Processing System for Cash a SCAM!!! Well I am here to tell you exactly what this business is all about. You see it’s not really a Job though where you gather emails to process or whatever you might be thinking. It’s a business first of all some people who joins businesses like this fail to understand that it is not a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme or whatever scheme they are calling it.
There is something called “Following Up with your Leads in the Networking Business”. 

48% of people never follow up with a prospect
25% of people make a second contact and stop 
12% of people make more than three contacts 
2% of conversions are made on the first contact 
3% of conversions are made on the second contact 
5% of conversions are made on the third contact 
10% of conversions are made on the fourth contact 
80% of conversions are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

Persistence Business men/women and decision makers are typically busy people. Often, the difference between making a conversion and not making one is catching the potential lead at the right time. One of the best ways to catch a prospect at the right time is to catch him or her many times. Of course, you do not want to be contacting a prospect so often that it becomes annoying. Still, using a combination of phone calls, emails and text you can ensure that your prospect remembers your business when the time comes when they finally decide to join our program.  
Follow Up and Consistency   If you have contacted your lead and they happen to be busy at the moment make sure to let them know when you will follow up again and then follow through with your scheduled appointment. Setting a time and day to follow up and then following through will build trust with your prospect. Simply doing what you say you are going to do is a huge source of confidence to prospective clients. After following up several times at the same time and day of the week, your prospect will come to expect your contact. Use this to build rapport. Become involved in your prospect’s life and you are much more likely to earn a conversion. By following up and staying in front of your prospects, you will have more conversions. The more familiar your prospects are with you and our program the most likely they will join.

Laziness is not an excuse in this business and I believe those who are calling it a scam either did not see the value in the business, or are too lazy to do anything, or never really got the time to study it.
One of the most common questions I get asked, and most of my Facebook friends, as well as email subscribers would also like to know is… “Why do almost all work from home opportunities cost money to start?” There are a few different things I want to clarify and address in the post to address this common question.

Job vs. Business

The biggest confusion I think when it comes to finding a work from home opportunity is that most people are so accustom to working for someone else and looking for “jobs”… (Just-Over-Broke).  I’d say 99% of works from home opportunities are home business opportunities…not job opportunities. Unless you’ve found a job through monster.com, careerbuilder.com, or some other large job placement website….if you’re looking at a work from home opportunity, you’re most likely looking at a business opportunity. So what is the biggest difference between a job and a business?  When you get hired for a “job”, you’re being hired to perform a certain task or job function and are compensated for your time either by an hourly wage or yearly salary.  So, you’re trading your time for money.  When you’re not working, you’re not getting paid. If you want to make more money…you have to work more hours.  Simple, right? Now let’s look at a business.  With a business, you’re getting compensated by the value and service you provide to other people.  Your income is not dependent strictly on the amount of hours you work.  The more value you provide to other people, the more income you will earn. I define a business as a system that will create income for you whether you are physically working or not. This means you do the work once and then you put people or systems into place to keep things running on a daily basis. Having a business is what will allow you to have more control over your income as well as more control over your time! Make sense so far?So, the first mistake people make when looking at work from home opportunities is that most people assume they are looking at a job.  This is not the case.  It’s a business opportunity.  Big difference.

The Real Cost Of A Job

I have to laugh when people ask why they should pay to start working from home.  I don’t think most people realize how much having a job really costs them each month. Here is a testimonial by a couple where the wife is looking to go back to work - this is what they figured out:A little over 3 years ago when my wife Donna was pregnant with our son, we had to decide if she was going to stay at home with him full time or go back to work.  So we sat down, broke out a pen and paper and wrote down what she made, and what costs she had each month for going to work.  I think you’d be surprised at what we found.  I’d recommend you do this for yourself and see what your job is really costing you each month. Check it out below.

Monthly Cost for Donna's Job

EXPENSE                                                     COST
Gas                                                          $300/month
Tolls                                                         $100/month
Food                                                        $100/month
Clothes                                                    $100/month
Childcare                                                 $800-$1,000/month
Total $1,400-$1,600/month

As you can see, it was going to cost us $1,400-$1,600/month just to have Donna go back to work!  This doesn’t even include all the mileage and wear and tear on our car just from driving back and forth to work every day. Here is something else to think about. 
They figured out that if they wanted to maintain the same lifestyle...they could just use the formula below:

Monthly Income – Monthly Expenses = Net Income
So let’s just say Donna earned $2,000/month and use the $1,600 in expenses above, as an example.$2,000 – $1,600 = $400/month income.  So we would be left with $400/month after all the other costs associated with going to a job.

That means they only needed to find a way to earn $400/month from home and they could maintain the same lifestyle, but also have the benefit of Donna being home and taking care of our kids!!  It’s easy to make $400/month online from home once you learn the skills you need.

Cost of Starting a Home Business

Okay, so I addressed the difference between a job and a home business, and we looked at the REAL cost of having a job…now let’s look at the cost of a home business and why you normally have to pay to get started. The cost of starting a home business can vary from as low as a few dollars all the way up to several thousand dollars.  It really depends on what your experience level is, what your goals are, and how quickly you want to accomplish them. You may be asking “why should I pay to start at all? I shouldn’t have to pay to start!!”I hear this comment all the time…and it’s like someone saying “I shouldn’t have to put gas in my car so I can get to work!”  It’s totally ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense.  Filling up your gas tank is an expense of having a job, and investing money in your business is the cost of doing business.  There is a simple solution to this….don’t start a business then if you’re not willing to put any money into it.

So what exactly are you paying for anyways??

Here’s the deal…when starting a business you’re typically paying for your education, training, and tools to get started.  Think about it…if you wanted to become a Realtor you would need to pay for real estate licensing classes, pay to get licensed in your state, join the Board of Realtors, and then find a Real Estate Broker to work for.  I don’t know of any business that you can start for free….do you? How much does a McDonald’s or Subway franchise costs these days….1-2 Million dollars??Education is typically the largest part of what you’re purchasing when getting started working from home.  If you don’t already know how to do it, then you’re going to need to pay to learn how to do it.  What do Colleges sell people??  Education!  What do people do when they want to learn how to be an accountant, engineer, personal trainer, or any other profession??  They invest in their education so they can acquire the skills they need to perform the job or task they want to.  It’s the same thing when starting a home business.  You need to invest into your education so you know how to market, how to reach potential customers, how to capture leads, and how to convert those leads into sales.  These are skills any business owner needs whether offline or online.

Tools…once you have your education you’ll need some tools to help you get going.  This could be your own website/blog, it could be tools that help you automate your business or make things easier for you.  For me I have my own blog to attract visitors, I have video hosting so I can post videos, and then tools that help me do research about who I want to target my blog posts and videos to.  I also have an auto responder that allows me to build up an email list of customers so I can keep in touch with them automatically. As you can see you’re starting a real business and like any business there are costs associated with it…but the benefits typically far outweigh any negatives in my opinion.

Tax Savings with a Home Business

One final thing I want to touch on before finishing this post is that tax benefits you get when having your own home business.  Did you know that as an employee working for someone else your employer gets all the tax benefits??When you work for yourself and have your own home business you can start deducting a lot of expenses off your taxes each year.  Think about it…I write off part of my phone bill, probably all of my internet service, and part of my monthly home utilities because I have a “home office” that allows me these deductions.  Just something else to think about.  I’m not a tax professional so please consult with a CPA for tax advice.

What exactly is EPS?

It's a direct sales / affiliate opportunity. We are sharing a product, which is an e-book full of pre-written ads and training, and the membership for a lifetime. There is a one off low start up fee of ₦5,000 ($25). Once you are set up you will be advertising the program yourself and when someone signs up with you, you will get paid ₦5,000 ($25) straight into your bank account/ paypal account. You then send them the program details and your done. All you will be required to do after that is be there for your sign up should they need help and guidance.

You will be provided with a member link that will give you access to the product which is the Ad Copy download, videos, tutorials teaching you how to market. It is especially designed for newbies helping them get their feet wet in the marketing world so to speak. You will also be provided with full training and support.

It is perfect for newbies and those with little to no technical skills. By simply copying the pre-written ads and posting them on the online classified ad sites; Craigslist, Backpage and facebook you'll earn ₦5,000 ($25) for every email you process. The process of "processing emails" happens when a new member signs up and pays the ₦5,000 ($25) to the person who posted the online classified ad that they are responding to. When a payment is made, the sponsor will receive an email notification letting them know that they have just received a ₦5,000 ($25) payment. The sponsors "job" is to actually process that email by copying and sending the pre-written getting started email to their new member which gives them access to the members area so that they can get started.

Final Thoughts

This post went on a little longer then I wanted and I apologize if I was long winded…lol.  I just get very passionate about this subject and I find that most people are lacking knowledge when it comes to understanding working from home and home businesses. So to summarize my main points on why it costs money to get started working from home:

99% work from home opportunities are Home Businesses NOT a Job!

All businesses require some form of start-up money.

You’re paying for education, training, and support as well as the proper tools you need.
It’s a lot cheaper than paying for a college education.

You get tax benefits when having your own home business!
If you would like to know more on what I do, you can visit my website for more information. With that said if you are interested in a monthly income - visit my website today - I don't promote anything that doesn't work or is not legit........... www.epslifestyle.info

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