Understanding Business Advertising and how to present it - Reap maximum profits from with this article as a Business owner.

Understanding Business Advertising and how to present it - Reap maximum profits from with this article as a Business owner.

Advertising as a whole is referred to as a paid presentation of a message on behalf of either a product, or a service or idea by an indentified sponsor to a mass audience. Advertising of business can be done by means of radio transmission, television, newspaper and also the internet.
When you as a business owner or marketer who is considering the use of advertising, there are a few questions I would want you to ask yourself.

These questions are:

Who will you advertise to; that is, who are your audience?
What are your goals?
 What will you advertise?
How would you address your audience?
Where and where will you do your advert?
 How many times do you want to advertise?
How much money will you spend?

These are the most important questions when it comes to advertising and they must be answered as long as you want to go into advertising your business.

Now let’s talk about;

Who will you advertise to (your audience) - Before taking any decision of advertising, first thing you should do is to observe what the demand in your retail is. A retail market should be studied when it comes to the population, how money is made, and the motivating influences that are responsible for purchases. If you do not do this study, then your advertising will not be effective at all. For example if you look at some newspaper or television advertisement you will know some adverts that were done by some companies through these medium lacked true market identification.
Identifying the people whom the advertising is directed towards is surely a good way of defining the market and making a better hit at that market.
Most retailers make mistakes not determining who does the buying, who makes buying decisions and what pushes the people to buy.

What are your goals? – After Studying and identifying the people and defining the market, the next step is for you to define your goal of your advertisement. This is very important if you want to hit the market.

What will you advertise? – Once you have completed the two steps mentioned above, this shouldn’t be much of work thing of what to advertise. There are some definite criteria to use

It is actually a good idea to promote best-sellers in the retail market and products that you know has the potential of being top at best-sellers. When making a decision whether, there are several factors to consider.  The first thing to consider is the wants of the people in the market. The second is that most products are seasonal, meaning you looking at seasonal occurrences like the holidays and school sessions because they affect most products as well.

Advertising can also be done at a particular time of the year, and also for special events. This is form or period of advertising is very effective. Once the decision of what to advertise is made you move on to the next step.

How will you address your audience? – As a retailer you have to consider the way your advertising message will look to your audience; that is how appealing. Remember every message you send have to be in line with what the customer wants along with the benefits of the products and services you are offering. The message can be written by one who can look at what you are offering from both ends (the retailer and the customer) and the message should be completely sincere.

Where and where will you place your advert? – One great place to do this is the media which provide a means for transmitting messages very fast to the market (customers). But before using the media you have to make sure you understand how it works. Whichever way you choose in the media make sure it matches the kind of message you are trying to get out there. For example and advert that requires to be shown on television cannot be done on the radio.

How many times do you want to advertise? – First of all remember you are not the only one sending messages out there, there are some competitors. Now the times you will advertise will depend on how many times you want your customers to be reminded and informed about your product or services.

How much money will you spend? – When advertising do not ever think for second you are throwing away money because you are not. Advertisement is an investment in sales, customer information and positive attitudes. This is why you need to plan before you go into advertising by following the steps I have listed on this article.

With this little information I have given on this article I do hope you understand if not everything but a start of how Advertising should be done.

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