How to become a website domain broker and make some serious money online while doing it

How to become a website domain broker and make some serious money online while doing it
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A website domain broker can also be referred to as someone who is onto the business of buying and selling websites. Websites investments are like real estate investments, you buy them, advance it and resell it for a greater profit or if you don’t want to advance it you can resell it for higher cost (i.e. higher than the original price you bought it). Something you must know is before becoming a website domain broker, you should be certain about it because there are a lot of people interested in buying people's sites. These particular groups of people like to buy sites so that they can own established websites without having to do the work on their own and they see the profit potential on sites.
    There are tons of websites owners out there who would love to sell their sites, too but have no idea how to go about it. As a website broker, it is your job to connect buyers and sellers to each other and get your percentage of the sale for making the introductions. The best part about this is that after you have bought the site, no matter how much you fix on the site someone will definitely purchase it so long as it is a very attractive site and when I say attractive I mean the completeness, uniqueness in design and contents of the sites. Most of all these sites that are being sold are even monetized already (i.e. It is a site that is making money already through Google adsense, selling of products or affiliate marketing).

      Steps to become a website broker:

* Create a website showing the basics of what you are into
             As you get buyers and sellers interested, always update the website with what buyers are looking for and what sellers have to sell. A very important thing you should never do is never put seller's details on your website; otherwise buyers can go around you to bypass your commission. The beast to do is just put general details.

* The second step is start finding people who are interested in buying or selling websites. 

                You can find these people either by visiting existing sites for buying and selling such as flippa.com, sitesell.com or buysellwebsite.com. Sometimes people can already be listed on one website and this doesn't mean they don't want additional help.

* A very important thing you should know is don't give out site details to buyer's until you get them to sign paperwork saying that they won't go around you to sign a none compete and so forth.

* And the last is when a deal is made; collect a percentage of the profits.

Steps in buying valuable websites
You can make a lot of money from this just by simply identifying small, valuable websites and buying them. Not only can this be lucrative, but it can be really fun to find out about new niches and learn new things to improve profits
 Follow these simple steps in order to make money from this:

* Go to www.websitebroker.com or flippa.com and buy or sell websites

* You can also achieve this by browsing the net and contacting websites owners directly.

* Never forget to protect yourself by giving owners’ noncompeting agreements and getting all your paperwork in order.

* Tweak the sites for maximum profit

* Keep in store your record of sales.

* You can also sell the site for a better price.

Now I know the one question on your mind is, how much can you make from being a website broker?

         The answer is simple; you can make $100 to the millions of dollars, depending on how valuable the site and/or domain are. This brings us back to what I mentioned earlier; the site must be very attractive for you to be able to make enough profit and it must have a very attractive domain name with a very unique design and the contents must be solid.

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