How can I make money blogging and quit my day Job – Read full detailed information here

How can I make money blogging and quit my day Job – Read full detailed information here

Blogging – What is blogging?

Blogging is an act of writing contents and posting them on a blog. A blog is an online Journal that carries information and maybe news updates of the happenings around.

But the information found on most blogs does not seem to be true why?

This is because most bloggers take blogging as a play thing which is not supposed to be so. Blogging is meant for serious minded people and only those who can invest both time and money into something great.

And so if you want to make money blogging you should be ready to invest both your time and money into this. I assume before you started reading this post you already know what a blog is and how to set up a blog.

As we continue in this topic I will give you every little detail I know about blogging while you will need to start checking back for blogging updates on this blog.

The truth about making money with blogging is that before you have this thought in your head you should first ask your self ARE YOU READY WAIT? I know you would say wait for what? Making money as a blogger requires you to be patient because it is not a get rich quick scheme.

To make Money Blogging takes time and you must understand this one rule. Before quitting your Job and going for blogging you must be sure you have started earning at least $100 - $1000+ a month otherwise you will regret quitting your job. I read so many articles and eBooks online that tells you about making six or seven figures blogging and what I got to understand is that many authors don’t even tell you about the investment of your time and effort before you can get to that level.

Blogging is not just something you jump into because you see other people doing it, first you take out time to do a very good research about it not just blogging but also on anything you plan on going into whether online or offline.

There are so many ways you can make money blogging as a blogger, but first you need to understand there pro’s and con’s present in the blogging world which is called the blogosphere. I can only list a few things you need to know here.

Written below are some rules of blogging

  •           Don’t copy people’s content as this would only make you and your blog a fake and pirated.
  •            When writing contents for your blog write as a free spirit not like a professor that uses big grammar
  •           Try as much as possible not to download photos from other people’s blog or website, if at all you download picture from any site make sure you add a caption of credit to that photo with the address of the site you downloaded it from.
  •           When blogging do not post fake stories or fake news report as this can get you into trouble.
  •           Be sure you know what you are blogging about.
These are just few tips I want you to note down.

 Now back to ways of how you can make money blogging. The few ways I will be listing below are just the little I trust and know of but there are other many ways you there you can make money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing – This can be done by simply registering with one of the affiliate programs out there and you will be given a referral link. Once you refer someone through your link and the person makes a purchase, subscription or fills a form you will get a commission for it. There are so many affiliate programs you can join examples are Amazon Associates Program, Commission Junction (CJ), eBay, ShareAsale and Cickbank.

Google Adsense – This is the easiest one among all of them but all that is required of you is that for you to enjoy maximum profit, you have to work on your blog traffic. To get tips on how you can get free traffic to your blog click here.

Selling of eBooks – This is one of the simplest ways too because all you have to do is write a Book of about 20 – 100+ pages that solves people’s problems and then you can sell it to your visitors at a rate of $2 - $90 depending on how many pages and what the eBook is about. In case you don’t know what an eBook is, it is an electronic book meaning it is in soft copy that can be downloaded. There are websites that provide you a means you can use in selling eBooks on your blog just look up Google for “means of selling eBooks on blog”.

Offer up Ad Spaces – This is a process whereby someone close to you tells you to put their banner or their adverts on your blog. You as a blogger should be able to offer companies or local business around you the chance of advertising their businesses on your blog. This can become successful and unsuccessful when you approach people; I meant successful if your blog traffic is convincing enough for someone to pay you to put their advert on your blog and unsuccessful in a situation whereby you blog traffic is very poor, no one would want to waste money.              

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