Create an Affiliate website and receive good cash from it - Here's how

Create an Affiliate website and receive good cash from it - Here's how to do it
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Create An Affiliate Website? First of all what do I mean by Affiliate website?

 This question are the most common question I get when I teach newbie’s about internet business and making money online.

An affiliate website can be described or referred to as a site that is created for the purpose of making profit from selling other peoples products online. Products like eBooks, Clothes, Games or anything that can be sold online with your link embedded inside those products. An Affiliate Website can either be created to suit a particular niche or all niches. Having an affiliate Website is actually one of the great ways of living that dream you always have of making money online. If you do not want to sell products, either with drop-shipping or having your own products, then you could take this (Creating an affiliate website) as one of your best option.

     Now to be an affiliate, the thing you need to do is to refer people to other sites and earn a commission every time a scale is made with your referral link. These commissions are calculated according to the percentage given by the site owners you will be registering with. Some percentage range from 1% - 90% depending on the website you register with.

One thing you must know is that making money from this method takes time and effort; from directing traffic to your site, to generating business leads on your fellow competitors. There are so many affiliate websites out there on the internet, how you promote your sites matters a lot as this is the only key (Promotion) you have to making it in affiliate marketing. Always have it at the back of your mind that in this particular online business targeted traffic is everything.

Don’t let time wasters waste your time and money online promising to send fake traffic to your website. Be vigilant and also be hard working; try to promote your affiliate website yourself. Try facebook groups, forums, twitter, pinterest, instagram Linkedin, google plus and other social media sited out there and alos tell your friends to also help you promote it. I give the warning again DON’T LET TIME WASTERS DECEIVE YOU AND COLLECT YOUR MONEY ONLINE BECAUSE YOU NEED TRAFFIC.

         I have listed some steps below in order for you to have an affiliate website:

* Design a website for yourself and set up a virtual store along with payment methods.

*Register as an Affiliate on eBay or Amazon. You could simply provide the reviews of products and then link people directly to the pages of the products that you are mentioning.

* Be sure that you are already signed up on some affiliate sites (2 sites is enough).

* Then you can now start building your customer base, by advertising in websites or forums, social networks, among friends or any other method to gain traffic.

* Now you can enjoy the profit margin.

           Some of the most popular affiliate sites include: Clickbank.com, cj.com and major stores like Wal-Mart, Amazon Associates Program (which is the best). 

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