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How to create a blog with Google blogger

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How to create a blog with Google blogger

How to create a blog with Google blogger
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How to create a blog with Google blogger 

  Blog is not just a website you create and share your thoughts on things or life; it is a part of who we are. Everybody has a blog topic to write about one way or another.  

On this article I will be showing you how to create a blog with Google blogger.

       Firstly, before creating a blog one of the things you need to be certain about is what are you going to be writing about? Now this is the very and most important question you need to ask yourself before starting a blog. Another thing you need to be certain about is do you have enough time and space to be posting articles regularly, because as a newbie you need to post regularly to help your site gain traffic. A blog can be used for different kinds of purposes some of which are:

 -To get a place in the Internet to be noticed round the world
 -To share your ideas and writing skills with people
-To create an online source of income or to promote your products online.

 And many more reasons, it doesn't stop here, but be sure to know why you're creating a blog.

    Many times I hear young bloggers say they are tired of their blog that they are not getting anything from it and that they feel like they are wasting their time blogging. One of the things you need to know before going into blogging that no one will ever tell you is that, if you are going to use your blog for business it takes a little while before things will start turning out for you.

    When I Started blogging as a newbie, no one told me it would take me about a year or two before I will start making profit from my blog. All the articles I ever read online was “make money blogging”, blog business, make serious fortune as a blogger and not one of them mentioned that I would suffer a little or get frustrated at some point at blogging. All these things I got to find out on my own.

      So if you are going to be a blogger, at least know the truth about blogging before getting into blog business.

         Now before creating a blog you need a Gmail account for blogger.

 So let's begin:

- Go to and enter your Gmail account login details, after this you will be taken to blogger.

 Click on New blog

-Choose your template, fill your blog title (i.e give your blog a name), then after that enter you domain name (i.e www.your
If the name you entered is available then click save.

That is all, you now have a blog.
To publish your first post click on new post 

It will appear like that put your post title and write your article, after writing then click publish you can view your blog by simply clicking on view blog.

Congratulations now that you are a blogger check back for more updates on blogging.  

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